Sunday, November 7, 2010

Truckee Time in 2010

 Belly of jelly.
 Spooked his big brother, got the little brother as a consolation prize.

 I told Brandon,"the most important thing in this stretch is to stay low."  Wow.  To avoid an argument about his listening skills later, I snapped this.  Strangely, he didn't catch anything.

 Lil brownie on your Sunday.
 I think this is my friend Joe Day.  Great dude, great musician, and great sport about fishing the river when it was freezing.

 Long shot.

 Love this river.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is from the Truckee River. No lie.

Don't know the guy, but he's a local angling celeb now. Caught at 1pm during 100 degree weather last week. 32" on a 5 wt fly rod. In its stomach they found a pigeon, a bike tire and the redevelopment plans for downtown Reno. Okay, I made up the last sentence, but the rest is true.