Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Brown is the New Black

July is off to a killer start.  Summer time around here can be really hit or miss, depending on what the last six months have put in motion.  The bigger fish are in faster water now, which is not to say that you won't find fish all over...but my biggest grabs have been in the quick stuff.

Hiking in. 

Reading and moving.

A spirited 22" brown.

Light and water.

Breathin better. 

Jan fights something serious. 

Net was barely up to the task.

Fooled you Pa. 

Birds and mice are not safe on this river.  25" of predator.

Other than being a faithful friend, Jan Nemec knows his stuff.  I wouldn't find half the fish I do without his sage advice and generosity.  Instead of pissing away your cash on fancy gear, book a trip or class with Mimic Fly Fishing this summer to take your fishing up a notch or three.  You won't regret the small investment.

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