Friday, July 4, 2014

When the Heat Gets Hot

Sorry folks, June got away from me.  Now for some catching up.

When people ask why I fish, I usually reduce the mountain of reasons to something like "it's the perfect balance of competition and relaxation".  This is 100% true, but it really only scratches the surface.  Another primary reason: fishing forces the raw beauty of Nevada right up in front of my face.

Desert, wha?

Things have heated up substantially now with triple digit days happening at least a few times a week.  This is the desert, so no complaints here.  I'll take it dry and high over the humid armpit many others face each day.

I hit the river out east a few last times last month before I knew it would be off the menu.  Did alright, but nothing compared to what spring was like in term of numbers and vigor.

Eatin' good.

Release and return.

Brandyn in mid-flight.  Click to see it bigger.

Healthy fish right in town.

Took another out-of-towner out recently, a mentor and incredibly wise man that has been speaking into my life for the last two years.  He only had a little fly fishing experience but he was a quick teach.  Had a guide friend offer to join us, give us a location, then had an emergency come up so I was left "touring" in water I'd never seen before.  Not a recipe for success but we made the most of it.

Hooked something for a brief moment right at the top of the day, but immediately lost it.  After a few slow hours of exploration, I checked the same slot for a second shot and hoped that a couple of hours was enough to clear the slate.  It was, as evidenced below:

Not often do you get a second chance around here.

Jim checking the lanes.

Riffle and run.

Protein pack.

Flash some gill.

All in all, I didn't see the river a whole lot in June.  The weather has been incredible but I can't help but wonder what lay ahead this year.  The fate of the whole ecosystem hinges on enough water moving from Tahoe to Pyramid all summer.  Stuff out east is already dismal.  We'll see what happens.  In the mean time, grab a souvenir from the local aluminum hatch and help everyone out.

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